SNSBI 2011 Canterbury meeting (University of Kent, April 15–18)

This meeting was organized by Paul Cullen.

Friday 15th April

  • Dr Andrew Richardson: The Kingdom of Kent

Saturday 16th April

  • Dr Oliver Padel: Britonnic place-name generics, secular & ecclesiastical

  • Dr Ann Cole: Between Peutinger & Gough: can place-names fill the gap?

  • Dr George Redmonds: Surnames and place-names in the Yorkshire Dales

  • Dr John Baker: Place-names and Anglo-Saxon assembly sites

  • Sheila Young: The eternal ascent: an exploratory treatise of mountain route names

  • Dr Tania Styles: Place-names as evidence in the OED

  • Visit to Canterbury Cathedral

  • Terhi Nurminen: Hill-terms in the place-names of the historical counties of Northumberland and Durham

  • Dr Simon Draper: Place-names and Anglo-Saxon Estates

  • Prof. Thomas Clancy: At St Meddan's convenience: Scottish hagio-toponyms and their challenges

  • Peter Kitson: The chronology of river-names

Sunday 17th April

  • Annual General Meeting

  • Prof. Hywel Wyn Owen: Towards a place-name society for Wales

  • Graham Collis: Little England beyond Calais - the Anglo-Saxons and Angles and Saxons on the Continent

  • Dr Sheila Sweetinburgh: Place-names and family identity in Anne Clifford's “Great Book of Record”

  • Prof. John Insley: Anglo-Saxons beyond the narrow seas: two sets of onomastic evidence for Englishmen in the Carolingian empire

  • Dr Shaun Tyas: Friar Tuck: the names, the men, the legends

  • John Freeman: Scandinavian name-material in Herefordshire

  • Dr Paul Cullen: Excursion to Richborough and Sandwich

  • Peter McClure, Dr Simon Draper & Dr Paul Cullen: Project Report: Family Names of the United Kingdom (FaNUK) update

  • Dr Duncan Probert: Project Report: Profile of a Doomed Elite: The Structure of English Landed Society in 1066

  • Dónall Mac Giolla Easpaig & Mairead Nic Lochlainn: Project Report: The Placenames database of Ireland

  • Prof. Carole Hough: Scots Words and Place-Names

  • Ellen Bramwell: PhD Report: A Comparative Study of Personal Naming


Excursions to Canterbury on Saturday 16th April 2011, and to Richborough and Sandwich on Sunday 17th April 2011. Photo page originally created by Susan Laflin April 2011.

green Jesus outside the cathedral
On Saturday we took the bus into Canterbury and made our way through the arcade to the "green Jesus" on the cathedral wall. We entered the cathedral as a pre-paid group and waited there.
records office cathedral garden
Inside Dr Mark bateson showed us the cathedral archives afterwards we wandered round, visiting other sights such as the gateway and clock in the streets of Canterbury.
Richbrough Roman Fort Richborough Roman Fort
On Sunday, we all got onto the coach and went to visit the Roman fort at Richborough. The first picture is a general view and the next shows Paul Cullen talking to some of the group.
Richborough Roman Fort Richborough Roman Fort
Another view of the surviving walls of the fort and some of the buildings associated with the latest phase of the fort
Sandwich Sandwich
The second part of this excursion was a visit to Sandwich. Those who were quick enough managed to find tea shops which had not yet shut. Others walked around among the narrow streets. "No-name Street" was an unusual one. The street was very short, containing only the one shop.
Sandwich Sandwich
We returned to the square in good time to meet the coach. It was originally the market square. The church may also be seen in the background. The final picture showns members of the group waiting in the square to board the coach on our homeward journey.