SNSBI 2007 Drumcondra meeting (St Patrick’s College, March 31 – April 03)

There is a report in Nomina 30, 121–123.

Saturday 31 March

Sunday 1 April

  • Prof. Thomas Clancy: Logie bared: an ecclesiastical place-name element in eastern Scotland

  • Dr. Micheál Ó Mainnín: Navigating the Dabhall: the river and its influence on the toponymy of North Armagh

  • Dr. Paul Cullen: The survival of Celtic place-names in Kent

  • Dr. Carole Hough: Names in Chaucer’s Nun’s Priest’s Tale

  • Dr. Kay Muhr: From Tamlachtae Dublocho to Gort Tamhlacht na Muc

  • Peter Kitson: OE hlāw/hlǣw ‘burial mound (etc.?)’

  • Dr. Fiachra Mac Gabhann: The microtoponymy of Achill, Inishturk and Inishark, County Mayo

  • Paul Tempan: Five common generic elements in Irish hill and mountain names: Binn, Cnoc, Cruach, Mullach, Sliabh

  • Dr. Pat McKay: Some Scots influences on Ulster place-names

  • Dr. Simon Taylor: The trouble with the Forest of Outh  —  defining a boundary in medieval Fife

  • Michael Ansell: Place-name evidence for woodland distribution and hunting in medieval Galloway and Carrick

  • Dr. Rhian Parry: Farm and field names of Ardudwy Uwch Artro

  • Prof. Liam Mac Mathúna: Anglicised names in bilingual texts (1600–1800)

Monday 2 April

  • Dr. Conchubhar Ó Crualaoich: English placenames in south Wexford

  • Dr. Éamon Lankford: Cork & Kerry Place-names Survey methodology

  • Jennifer Scherr: The Norman French element bretesche in England and Ireland

  • Dr. Kevin Murray: The Locus project

  • afternoon coach excursion to Glendalough


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