SNSBI 2005 Durham meeting (Grey College, September 17)

This one-day meeting was held in memory of Victor Watts (obituary Nomina 26, 129), whose portrait is shown below left. It was organised by the English Place-Name Society and the Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland.

  • Professor Richard Coates (University of Sussex): Victor Watts's legacy in the Cambridge Dictionary of English Place-Names

  • Dr Paul Cavill (University of Nottingham): Victor Watts and the place-names of County Durham

  • Dr Margaret Gelling, OBE (University of Birmingham): Landscape and place-names in the North-East

  • Dr David Parsons (University of Nottingham): Cock-shoots and cot-settles: some vocabulary of English place-names

  • Professor Thorlac Turville-Petre (University of Nottingham): The Middle English poem Pearl

  • Dr Corinne Saunders and Professor David Fuller (University of Durham): Readings from Pearl (in the original and in Victor Watts's modernisation)


The right picture shows Professor Hywel Wyn Owen introducing Dr Margaret Gelling's lecture.

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