SNSBI 2010 Carmarthen meeting (Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, March 12–15)

This meeting was organized by Professor Hywel Wyn Owen and sponsored by the Welsh Language Board. There is a report in Nomina 33, 169–171.

Friday 12th March

Saturday 13th March

Sunday 14th March


The Ivy Bush Hotel Preparing the reception desk
The Ivy Bush HotelPreparing the reception desk
Breakfast The Lecture Room
BreakfastThe Lecture Room
The Lecture Room The Bar
The Lecture RoomThe Bar
Tenby town walls The five-entrance gate
Tenby town wallsThe five-entrance gate
The church The church
Daffodils outside the churchThe church from the main street
Tenby harbour looking out to sea
Tenby harbourLooking out to sea
the rock houses above the beach
Fort on the rock Houses above the beach
the harbour the harbour
harbour and sea front from the museum Harbour and jetty
The merchant's house the coach
The merchant's houseReturning to the coach
Rebecca rioters Rebecca rioters
Memorial to the "Rebecca Rioters" Viewing the memorial.