SNSBI 2019 Autumn day conference

The SNSBI 2019 Autumn day conference on Vikings and Names: exploring place-names, personal names, and the ongoing legacy of Scandinavian speakers in language, literature and culture has been organized by Diana Whaley and will be held on 2019-10-19 at the King’s Manor, University of York, YO1 7EP.

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Provisional program

  • David Parsons, ‘The Vikings and the Cross’

  • Josh Neal, ‘Old Norse bý(r)-names in Britain: cores and peripheries’

  • Eleanor Rye, ‘Norðmenn and their names? Languages and dialects in contact in Viking-Age England’

  • Pragya Vohra, ‘Who do you think they were? Using place-names to understand migration in Viking Age Cleveland’

  • Matthew Townend, ‘The Vikings and the Victorians and dialect’

  • Jack Hartley, ‘“He scratched those words on the rocks”: Norman Nicholson and Norse heritage in twentieth-century Lakeland’

  • Peter McClure: ‘When strangers became family: Thoughts on the Old Norse contribution to the English personal name stock, C9th to C19th’.


Conference fee (including lunch, teas & coffees): £20 for SNSBI members; £25 for non-members; £10 for student members; £15 for student non-members.

Please register by Tuesday 15th October at this link.

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