SNSBI Twenty-second Glasgow meeting (Pond Hotel, 2013 April 05–08)

This meeting was organized by Carole Hough.

Friday April 5

  • Various: Reports from participants in pre-conference postgraduate workshop

Saturday April 6

  • John Baker, Jayne Carroll and David Parsons: The place-names of Shropshire

  • Emily Pennifold: Analysing nineteenth-century field-names in the Anglo-Welsh borderland

  • Paul Tempan: Bryantang and Bootown: Cumbrian (English) names in East Ulster

  • Patrick Hanks and Matthew Hammond: Black's Surnames of Scotland and the FaNUK database

  • Aengus Finnegan: Mac Carrghamhna: a vanished Westmeath surname?

  • Ellen Bramwell: Personal names and cultural contact: evidence from modern-day Scotland

  • Kenneth Fraser: The politics of naming warships

  • Doreen Waugh: “Auld Clettin Roe”, “Wha'll Dance wi’ Wattie?”  —  naming Shetland fiddle tunes

  • Shaun Tyas: Some problematic Scottish football club nicknames

  • Gilbert Márkus: Colum Cille inimicus Scotorum

  • Keith Briggs: Saint's name + stōw in Suffolk (pdf handout)

  • short reports: Digital Exposure of English Place-names (Jayne Carroll); The Impact of Diasporas on the Making of Britain (Eleanor Rye); Mapping Metaphor with the Historical Thesaurus (Carole Hough); Northern Ireland PlaceNames Project (Paul Tempan); Scottish Archaeological Research Framework (Brendan O'Connor); SWAP and the Concise Scots Dictionary (Alison Grant)

Sunday April 7

  • Peder Gammeltoft: DigDag launched  —  the end of a project or a new beginning for Danish onomastics?

  • Alan James: Brittonic trev in the place-names of south-west Scotland

  • Thomas Clancy: Clusters, contexts and contrasts: place-names in Ayrshire

  • coach excursion to Ayrshire through its multilayered toponymy: to Alloway (via Ayr) and the Robert Burns Museum via Maybole, Kirkoswald, Turnberry and the Electric brae

  • John Freeman: Pyon, Herefordshire  —  a pre-English hill-name?

  • Eila Williamson: Out and about with STIT: exchanging knowledge of Scotland's place-names


2013-04-07: Simon Taylor in the coach to Alloway, and a group of hikers at Alloway.

Simon_coach_SS101611.jpg Alloway_walk_SS101613.jpg