SNSBI 2012 Athenry meeting (Raheen Woods Hotel, March 30–April 02)

Friday 30 March

  • Kevin Murray: The intertwining of Fianaigecht and Dinnshenchas traditions

Saturday 31 March

  • Conchubhar Ó Crualaoich: Surnames in the townland names of Sligo

  • Duncan Probert: Some ambiguities and identifications among Domesday names

  • Simon Taylor: The road to Meikle Seggie: some place-names to ponder in Kinrossshire, Scotland

  • Pat McKay: Lough Neagh  —  place-names and mythology

  • Isobel Ryan: Peig Sayers and Blasket Islands place-names

  • Cathy Swift: Surname formation in Ireland: discussion, debates and DNA

  • Jim McKeon: a walking tour of the historic town of Athenry

  • Keith Briggs: Names of regions with the suffix -ia in Anglia

  • Aengus Finnegan: -putog as an element in Irish townland names

  • Rhian Parry: Progress report from the Welsh Place-name Society

  • Mairéad Nic Lochlainn: Project report for

  • Peter McNiven: Scottish toponymy in transition: progressing county surveys of the place-names of Scotland

  • Patrick Hanks: FaNUK: family names research progress

  • Éamon Lankford: Cork city and county place-names survey

Sunday 1 April

  • David Parsons: Where are the Irish place-names in Wales?

  • Patrick Hanks & Kay Muhr: Exchanging names: population movements and the forms of family names in Ireland and Britain

  • Guto Rhys: Gleanings from Pictland

  • Nollaig Ó Muraíle: Kings and queens in Irish place-names

  • Cáit Nic Fhionnlaoich: Place-names of Gola Island, County Donegal

  • Christy Cunniffe: excursion to Clonmacnoise and Clonfert Cathedral


The Raheen Woods Hotel Entrance hall of the hotel Leaving for the walking tour of Athenry
Conference lecture Conference lecture Leaving for the excursion
Conmacnoise castle Clonmacnoise castle Celtic cross at Clonmacnoise
Round tower at Clonmacnoise View over the river Entrance to the cathedral
side view of churches of Dowling and Hurpan Church of Ciaran Arriving at Clonfert cathedral
Carvings around the entrance to Clonfert cathedral Inside Clonfert cathedral Dr Christy Cunniffe in Clonfert cathedral
Mermaid in Clonfert cathedral Conference dinner Entertainers at Conference dinner.