SNSBI 2008 Edinburgh meeting (Pollock Halls, April 04–07)

The 2008 annual spring conference was held at the University of Edinburgh and organised by Dr. Ian Fraser & Dr. Doreen Waugh. There is a report in Nomina 31, 121–123.

Friday April 4

  • Bill Nicolaisen: On names in literature (read by Carole Hough).

Saturday April 5

  • Pat McKay: Scots minor names in Ulster.

  • Veronica Smart: Economic migrants? Continental names in tenth-century England

  • Guy Puzey: Minority place-names and linguistic identity in Scotland and Norway

  • Ian Fraser: Place-names in oral tradition

  • Peter Drummond: Place-name losses and changes

  • Richard Cox: Issues in developing a chronology for Norse and Gaelic place-names in the Hebrides

  • Gwyneth Nair and Jennifer Scherr: Especiall vertues: abstract qualities and womens names in England 1540–1850

  • David Sellar: Rachael, Gormelia, Florence and Forwht: some female forenames

  • Ellen Bramwell: Naming patterns in a Glasgow Pakistani/Muslim community

  • Liam Ó hAisibéil: Aspects of research on townland names in Co. Roscommon

  • Gavin Smith: -ingas place-names in Surrey

  • Project reports:

Sunday April 6

  • Shaun Tyas: The use of medievalism in business names in Britain and Ireland

  • Peter McNiven: Place-names and the medieval church in Menteith, Perthshire

  • Hywel Wyn Owen: Dictionary of the place-names of Wales

  • Ian Fraser: Linlithgow place-names

  • Coach excursion to Linlithgow Palace, where we were entertained by the Linlithgow Players  —  the pictures show members of the group (and others) watching the play.


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