SNSBI 2008 Chichester meeting (University of Chichester, October 25)

This Autumn day conference was organized by Chris Lewis.

  • Professor Hywel Wyn Owen, SNSBI President: welcome and introduction

  • Christopher Whittick (East Sussex Record Office): Harnessing field-names: The Sussex Archives Tithe Project

  • Pam Combes: Pleasures and Pitfalls: minor names in the tithe apportionment, a local historian's view

  • Keith Briggs: Freemantle  —  a French place-name in England

  • Paul Tempan (Queen's University, Belfast): Sliabh in Irish place-names

  • Stephen Baxter (King's College, London): Personal names and PASE: The Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England

  • Chris Lewis (VCH Sussex): Naming places in Restoration England and Wales