SNSBI 2007 Manchester meeting (University of Manchester, November 03)

In memory of Mary Higham (obituary in Nomina 29, 151)

  • Dr Alex Rumble (University of Manchester) and Dr Oliver Padel (President of EPNS and SNSBI): Welcome and introduction

  • Dr Simon Taylor (University of Glasgow): Where wind and water sheareth: following a boundary in medieval Fife

  • Dr Carole Hough (University of Glasgow): Women in the landscape: place-name evidence for women in north-west England

  • Dr Margaret Gelling, MBE, FBA (University of Birmingham): Landscapes and place-names in the north-west

  • Mr Brian Rich (University of Keele): The Staffordshire moorlands

  • Dr Paul Cavill (University of Nottingham): Topography and the Battle of Brunanburh