SNSBI 2006 Bristol meeting (Burwalls Conference Centre, April 07–10)

This meeting is reported upon by P.R.K. in Nomina 29, 147–149.

Friday 7 April

  • Dr Michael Costen: Early settlement in North Somerset

Saturday 8 April

  • Prof Diana Whaley: Hesitation phenomena in the North: place-names in -ham and -ingaham

  • Mark Wood: Place-name evidence for the Romano-British to Anglo-Saxon transition in Bernicia

  • John Baker: Place-names and Anglo-Saxon defensive organisation south of the Humber

  • Joy Jenkyns: The Language of Landscape: reading the Anglo-Saxon countryside (LangScape) Project

  • Dr James Kemble: Essex place-names: a database at work

  • Richard Morgan: Some place-names of Gwent

  • Dr John Insley: OE wealh: some semantic issues

  • Dr Carole Hough: Common-place place-names

  • Ellen Bramwell: The Community names of North Uist, Western Isles

  • Conchubhar Ó Crualaoich: Some Irish family names

  • Jennifer Scherr: The English street-names of Gibraltar

  • Dr Chris Lewis: Naming paradise: suburban house-names in seaside Sussex

  • Oliver Padel (Cornwall): Personal names in the Bodmin manumissions

Sunday 9 April

  • Dr Margaret Scott: Scots and English historical lexis as seen through the Onomasticon

  • Dr Kay Muhr: Place-names on Richard Bartlett's maps of Ulster c.1602

  • Professor Richard Webber: Understanding migration from the analysis of personal names - case examples from Cornwall and Devon

  • Coach excursion to Glastonbury, via Congresbury church, Wedmore and Meare led by Dr Michael Costen

  • Professor Richard Coates: On self-explanatory place-names


Jennifer Sherr and Paul Cullen at Glastonbury, and Congresbury church.

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