SNSBI 2004 Cambridge meeting (Peterhouse, March 26–29)

The 2004 annual spring conference was organised by Dr Oliver Padel. The meeting is reported upon in Nomina 27, 127–128

Friday 26 March

  • welcome by Mr Ian Fraser (Edinburgh), President of the Society

  • Dr Rosemary Horrox (Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge): Introduction to medieval Cambridge

Saturday 27 March

  • Arthur Owen (Lincolnshire): Gates and gotes in east Lincolnshire: land drainage records as a source for name studies

  • Stella Pratt (University of Glasgow): The Anglo-Saxon element in Scottish topographical place-names

  • Dr Alan James (Derbyshire): Why Cymry and Cumbria?

  • Helen Watt and Jonathan Mackman: The E.179 Project: Lay Subsidies in the National Archives

  • Professor Joan Greatrex (Cambridge): Who were the monks of Ely?

  • Dr Meredith Cane (University of Wales, Aberystwyth): The Welsh adoption of Norman personal names

  • John Rowlands & Sheila Rowlands (Aberystwyth): From patronymics to settled surnames in Wales

  • Professor David Dumville (Girton College, Cambridge): The Northumbrian Liber Vitae: some historical and onomastic problems

  • Professor Patrick Sims-Williams (University of Wales, Aberystwyth): From Vobrix to Sabrina: objectivity and subjectivity in the identification of Continental Celtic place­ names

  • Dr Kay Muhr (Northern Ireland Place-Name Project, Queen's University, Belfast): Surnames from saints' names in Ireland and Scotland

Sunday 28 March

  • visit to Sutton Hoo

  • Dr Paul Russell (Pembroke College, Cambridge): Cunedda, Briafael: fossilised phonology in Brittonic personal names

  • Dr Máire Ní Mhaonaigh (St John's College, Cambridge): Lochlann, an Irish literary place­ name

  • Peter Kitson (University of Birmingham): Duvengael, a Strathclyde (?) figure in Arthurian romance


Peterhouse; Sutton Hoo.

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