SNSBI 2003 Lerwick meeting (April 4–8)

This was one of the more ambitious conferences and was well organised by Doreen Waugh. It will long be remembered by those who attended. The conference report appeared in Nomina 26, 119–127.

Friday 4 April

  • Eileen Brooke-Freeman: Shetland Place-Name Project

  • Brian Smith: Andro Smyth's database of Shetland farm-names, 1628–1643

  • Dónall Mac Giolla Easpaig: Scandinavian place-names in Ireland

  • Arne Kruse: Worlds apart  —  Gaelic and Norse in the west of Scotland

  • Gillian Fellows-Jensen: Extermination or economic exploitation?

  • W. F. H. Nicolaisen: Shetland place-names in a wider context

Saturday 5 April

  • Barbara Crawford: Papar names  —  multi-disciplinary pitfalls and international potential

  • Peder Gammeltoft: Islands great and small: a study of the islands and skerries of Shetland, and their significance

  • David Sellar: Scandinavian personal names in Gaelic Scotland and the Isle of Man

  • Tom Schmidt: Onomastic Evidence of Faeroese and Shetlanders in Norway in the 16th century

  • Alison Grant: The Ayrshire -by names

  • afternoon excursion to Tingwall, Scalloway and Papil

  • Berit Sandnes: What is Norse, what is Scots? A re-evaluation of Orkney place-names

Sunday 6 April

  • Richard Coates: The grammar of Scandinavian place-names in England: a preliminary commentary

  • Diana Whaley: The semantics of stöng, stang

  • Inge Særheim: Norse settlement names in -land in Shetland and Orkney

  • afternoon excursion (south mainland  —  including Jarlshof)

  • John Baldwin: Anatomy of a watercourse: Norse and later names along the Ham Burn, Foula

Monday 7 April

  • Gunnel Melchers: The structure of Mead names

  • Doreen Waugh: Some Westside place-names from Twatt

  • Svavar Sigmundsson: Place-names in Iceland and Shetland  —  a comparison

  • Gunnstein Akselberg: Names composed in -staðir in Shetland and Western Norway  —  continuity or discontinuity?

  • afternoon excursion (west mainland)

  • Katherine Campbell: Trowie names

  • singing and entertainment by the “Shetland Youth Heritage Group”  —  including Christine Leask

Tuesday 8 April

  • Visit to Clickhimin Broch/Shetland Museum


Conference delegates visiting Jarlshof; visiting the hut circles at Brouster; visiting the Viking site at Sandwick on the Island of Unst.

2003shetland1.jpg 2003shetland2.jpg 2003shetland3.jpg