SNSBI 2001 York meeting (The King's Manor, University of York, November 24)

This meeting on Personal names in medieval England: philology, family, identity was organized by Matthew Townend (University of York).

  • Peter Kitson: How Anglo-Saxons personal names work (Nomina 25, 91-131)

  • David Parsons: Anna, Dot, Thorir … counting Domesday personal names (Nomina 25, 29–52)

  • David Postles: “Gender trouble ” (Judith Butler)  —  describing English women in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries

  • Peter McClure: Middle English -kin and -cok – their origins, meanings, and applications (Nomina 26, 93–117)

  • George Redmonds: First-name popularity 1350–1650  —  spiritual affinity and the role of the god-parent